We face the sight of all things falling apart with a vision of how beautifully things might reassemble

Bonnetje is a Copenhagen-based brand. We cut up old suits and reassemble the pieces in new silhouettes. By reusing defunct materials we join the search for fashion beyond the current throwaway society. We turn our attention to past, present and future sustainable practices. We do not seek to pioneer a brand new style, but to offer our take on the emerging movement of circularity within fashion. The task of today’s creators demands collaboration with our contemporary peers. But it also asks for collaborations across the ages. We do not cut up clothes to do away with yesterday’s fashion but rather to preserve it for today and reintroduce it into circulation. When we refashion existing items of a suit, we literally turn certain parts inside-out. We hereby honour the meticulous tailoring of suits by exposing hidden gems of seams, pockets and lining. But we also exhibit more feminine silhouettes in classic masculine silhouettes in order to blur the lines between who is inside and who is outside such clothes - who is included and who is excluded.